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Over the last few days it has become clearer and clearer that Altcoin season has begun. Following several months in which Altcoins have taken a substantial hit in terms of their Bitcoin valuations, the latest BTC run towards $10,000 hasn’t pushed the Altcoin market down further as it has during past run-ups, but has rather started pulling various tokens up along with it to new all time highs against fiat.

As suggested in a previous post, in the months ahead it’s very likely that a number of mid and small cap tokens will provide fantastic returns for those that invest.

One that I’m currently feeling strongly about and have (as always) personally invested in is the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Following a month in which it has seen relative stability in its BTC price pairing, the major trend lines for BAT appear to be coming to a crossroads.

The RSI Indicator suggests a bullish reversal, and based on the broader market trend that is signalling an Altcoin “Bull-Run”, BAT is a likely contender to provide a healthy ROI over the coming weeks and months.


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BAT price:

1 BAT = 0.20510000 USD
1 BAT = 0.00002354 BTC
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* The information in this post is the opinion of the writer, not to be considered financial advise or an official endorsement by the CryptoWarz.io community. As with any financial investment we highly recommend doing your own research and never investing more than you can afford to lose. This sentiment is perhaps even more applicable when it comes to the CryptoCurrency & Digital Asset markets, as they are notoriously volatile and considered (in relative terms) High-Risk Investments.

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Crypto Prices

BTC price:

1 BTC = 8494.78000 USD
1 BTC = 16.2600000 ETH
1 BTC = 128.780000 NEO
1 BTC = 41.9600000 XMR
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ETH price:

1 ETH = 520.400000 USD
1 ETH = 0.06149000 BTC
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NEO price:

1 NEO = 65.7800000 USD
1 NEO = 0.00776500 BTC
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XMR price:

1 XMR = 202.330000 USD
1 XMR = 0.02383000 BTC
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